What Ignites Your Creativity?

Is it pain? Anger? Love? Fear?

So many emotions can be channeled into works of art, if we CHOOSE to create with our passions–even if those emotions are sad, or painful.

Next time your spirit is down, pick up a pencil and write away. Dip a paintbrush into any color–without thinking, without planning, without “trying” to create. See what happens…

And here’s a fun tip: if you have some wine nearby and are comforting yourself with a drink or two, try instead to create with it!

Wine, unlike normal paint, darkens as it dries, so the effect is always a surprise! I love the end result–here is one of my latest:

“Last Rose” Wine Painting

If you liked this painting, you can own my art as originals or prints by sending me an email or leave a note below. Here’s the link to my Red Bubble Store.

Have a creative Sunday!

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6 Responses to What Ignites Your Creativity?

  1. Thank you for your inspiration about creativity and for the tip about painting with wine.
    Take care and blessings.
    ~ Gary ~

    • nyx says:

      And thank you, Gary, for keeping me updated with all things Bacolod! I can continue to visit the country of my birth through your updates and notes. Cheers!

  2. Wow! I had no idea you could paint with wine! Beautiful painting by the way…

    • nyx says:

      Thank you! Yes, you can use wine as the initial wash, or use it together with watercolors in place of the water. Safe travels!

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