(Photography by Mel Gatchalian)

Scientists and wine-lovers have been saying so for decades, but here a few of my favorite reasons. Cheers to the long weekend–hope you are all getting some relaxation in!

  1. Fewer kidney stones
  2. Less risk of cancer
  3. Lower risk of diabetes
  4. Less lines and wrinkles on the skin
  5. Antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties
  6. Deeper, calmer sleep
  7. Natural blush (for some of us!)

There are even wine facials available in the spa market, or “vinotherapy”, which is available locally at the Neoday Spa (BGC, Fort) and The Spa (Ortigas and Fort branches).

I like to use wine sometimes as an alternative to paint. (It does seem a little less indulgent than soaking in a bathtub of it!)

Here’s a sample.

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